Delhi CM announces to give Rs 1 Crore to Healthcare staff if they die handling Corona Cases.

Arvind Kejriwal decides to gives Rs 1 Crore to all the healthcare staff in case they die while handling Covid-19 Cases. Coronavirus India
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Arvind Kejriwal decides to give Rs 1 Crore to all the healthcare staff in case they die while handling COVID-19 Cases. 

If anyone loses their life while serving any #COVID19 patient, be it sanitation workers, doctors or nurses or any other staff, temporary or permanent, from private or government sector, their family will be given Rs 1 crore as our mark of respect for their service, said Kejriwal

ARVIND kejriwal ready to pay 1 crore for any covid 19 victims


Arvind Kejriwal interacted with the doctors today and thanked all the healthcare personnel as they are serving the country in such unprecedented times. In the Video conference with doctors, Delhi CM asked for advice and questions from doctors of 5 Government hospitals to curb this disease.

 Video Conference with Delhi Govt Doctors and Medical Staff on COVID-19 Duty.

arvind kejriwal tweet full interaction with medical staff


Delhi Government has also made arrangements to stay at Five Star hotels for all the doctors and nurses. Also, there will be no shortage of PPE, he added


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